If you don't know where to start,
everything you need is right here...

Step by Step (Super Easy to Follow) 'How To' system.

When your girl plays with confidence, she will play and
perform like a champion.

The result of this Netball training program is not only better
physical skills, but also enhanced player confidence.

More confident, more focussed, more success.

“I wrote this book so parents just like me
would have a simple system and resource, to
make a massive improvement in their
daughter's netball abilities. So they too
could see their child enjoy netball and
blossom as a skilled player”


Introducing “My Netball Star” System!

Created Exclusively for Parents & Coaches of 6-10 Year Old Girls

Here it is: I wrote this book so parents just like me would have a simple system and resource, to make a massive improvement in their daughter's netball abilities, so they too could see their child enjoy netball and blossom as a skilled player.

Here’s a small sample of what you’ll discover Inside...

  1. How to dramatically improve your daughter’s basic netball skill.
  2. What you can do to develop her passion for netball and confidence.
  3. Solid fundamentals: like ball handling, passing, catching, hand eye coordination.
  4. Fitness and strength programs to build your little girls the muscle tone and endurance.
  5. Footwork and running methods, strategies and activities to develop her speed and coordination.
  6. Simple, quick and easy warm up methods so her little body is ready to go.
  7. Food suggestions and tips to fuel her body up so she's ready for  maximum performance.
  8. What you can do to incentivize your daughter so she loves her training and wants to do it.
  9. More than 70 photos of kids and professional netballers through out the book.
  10. It’s an easy, step-by-step, daily program.
    Just 5-10 minutes per day and your daughter will master the basics and play with confidence.


If you're not happy, I insist on refunding your investment right away.
This is truly a 100% risk-free offer.

Parents who've already used my Netball Star System are reporting
inspiring stories of triumph and success for their daughters. Your little
girl will be a netball star!


“Thank you!!! I am thrilled at the progress Anastasia has made since we started doing the exercises in the netball star book. Her ball skills have improved dramatically and the best part about it is she is having fun doing it. If I forget to do the daily exercises she reminds me, which is a great indication of how much she enjoys it. With just a small amount of effort on a consistent basis there has been an amazing improvement. Now we can’t wait for game day on Saturday mornings...”

Anastasia (7 years old)

"I want to thank you for the Netball Star System. We have been going down to the local courts 2 or 3 times a week and practicing the drills.

Ally wasn't that confident with her netball but now she loves it. Your training methods and philosophy is a big part of her success. Thankyou…

I have highly recommended your netball star system to many of the other netball parents."

Ally (8 years old)

“Grace played under 10's this year in division 1. Her team went through the season undefeated and they won the grand final. Grace said that the grand final was the best day of her life.

As a parent I could not be happier. The netball star drills have made Grace a sensational netball player. After every game she gets compliments about her outstanding performance. Grace’s enjoyment of the game, her confidence and her happiness is sky high. ”

Grace (9 years old)

“Lilly's netball skills have improved out of site. You can see her in this photo (7 years old) jumping high of the ground to catch a ball that was way over her head.

The netball star coaching system works. Lilly’s hand-to-eye co-ordination has improved out of site. Her passing and catching is accurate and her netball confidence is extremely high.

This year Lilly is turning 8 years old and she played Under 10's. I can definitely say that the Netball Star coaching drills are easy, fun and they work. ”

Lilly (7 years old)

"My husband and I are thrilled with the Netball Star coaching drills. As soon as I opened it I was inspired. I found it so easy and practical, it has really educated me on how to help my daughter become a skilful netball player.

The improvement in my daughters game has been huge and has exceeded all of my expectations. We just had our first training session for the season and her netball coach can’t believe the improvement from last year. Most importantly Kate is loving her netball. I will recommend the Netball Star without hesitation!"

Kate (8 years old)

As Seen On ABC TV

We are very proud that the Netball Star system was profiled on ABC TV this year.

The recognition for the quality and success of our netball coaching drills is a great honour and source of pride.

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We are so confident that you'll find Netball Star an invaluable and super helpful tool that we're offering a full 8 Week Money Back Guarantee.

Coaching Success

"This has been a great book for me. I am coaching for the first time Under 7's (with my youngest in the team) and have picked up so many valuable ideas."

Coach: Janelle Curtis

Coaching Success

"I have a mini netball school called “Little Ladies” and would like to stress the importance to the parents, of constant coaching and skill building…it shows in their ball skills and confidence.

I was very impressed with the Netball Star system. It provides parents with a simple and easy way to have a huge impact in teaching their daughters the basics."

Coach: Nicole Claassens - Little Ladies Netball Clinic -%2

Coaching Success

"I want to thank you for your netball book! I’m a parent with two little girls and I coach the school netball team. I did play netball when I was in school, but I did not know how to teach the little one’s.

I have started yesterday with some of the exercises and the girls loved it! You’ve made this easy and effective for me. I’ve also taken your tip to send each of the girls home with specific exercises to help them quickly improve their specific skill weaknesses."

Coach: Madelene Otto


FREE BONUS 1. Top 20 tips to teach your Kids about being a good sport & team player.

FREE BONUS 2. 30 Positive Comments: Encouragement & praise inspires champions.

FREE BONUS 3. For a coach: How to implement the system with your entire team.

FREE BONUS 4. Peak performance diet tips for little netball stars.

FREE BONUS 5. Brief description of the history and rules of netball.

FREE BONUS 6. Two sample training routines to do at home.

FREE BONUS 7. Two sample training routines to do at the courts.

FREE BONUS 8. Two Incentive sticker chart - they work brilliantly!

FREE BONUS 9. Advanced training routine (20 minutes) for 9 & 11 year olds.

FREE BONUS 10. Advanced training routine (35 minutes) for 9 & 11 year olds.

I'm offering the complete “Netball Star” system with all of the bonuses, not for the regular price of $97, And not even for $89 or $79. Your investment in your daughters netball fun, success and confidence is now less than half price - 1/2 off!

Why so low? Because I need your help. You see, my “Netball Star” system is brand new and I need help spreading the news about it to other netball parents.

Because of this, I'm willing to offer this incredible Netball Star System at a huge discount because I want you to tell other netball parents about it... if, and only if, it meets your highest expectations. Does that sound fair?


One-on-One Training
Is Key For Girls Who Are Beginners To Netball!

Neuro studies have proven that girls under the age of 10 years do not have the maturity to learn Netball skills efficiently in a team environment.

It’s different for older girls. From the age of 11 girls go through a dramatic physical and mental maturity phase which lasts until they are about 17.

The key for young girls (6 – 10 years of age) to master the basics and become great Netball players, is one-on-one training.

* They need to be on their own or in a group no larger than 3.
* They need to be focussed without the distraction of other kids.
* They need to continuously do drills that develop all Netball basics.
* They need to do these drills several times a week to become great.


Give Your Little Girl An Advantage!

The Netball Star system will give your daughter an unfair advantage over all of the other kids.

* Within 2 months you will notice a DRAMATIC improvement in her skills
* Within 1 season you will notice a MASSIVE improvement in her skills
* Within 2 seasons she will be one of the BEST PLAYERS on her team.

Disclaimer: Results are only achieved by players that work hard and practice. So obviously i can’t guarantee results for every single player.

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